Stranger Things - Title Sequence

This Motion Graphics Title Sequence was made as part of a brief for my second year Creative Media course at the University of Worcester.

The brief was to create a Motion Graphics Title Sequence for a TV series or film of your choice. I chose Stranger Things as I believed, although the original is great, it is a little simple and leaves a lot of room to be re-designed.

This whole video was created using Adobe Photoshop for the images and Adobe After Effects for the animation. The parallax effect was something we were shown how to create in lecture which gave me a confidence to create it to a high standard in my own final piece. I also thought this would be a great technique to use as this type of effect would be feasible to create back in the 80s when Stranger Things was set.

To make further fit the look of the 80s visuals I used text fade colours, similar to the original, to give the effect of text being exposed onto the film. As well as this I added a layer of film grain to the whole video to give the impression it was filmed on a film camera rather than created in a software.

To see the whole process in detail, click the following link: