'Man Up'

‘Man Up’ is a short series of photographs I produced as my entry into the 2020/2021 Sony Photography Awards. This is an award held every year as a partnership with Sony Photography and the World Photography Organisation.

This year’s brief was to create a series about “Building a Better Future” and I wanted to create mine about building a better future for mental health sufferers, with Men being the focus. Although the theme and feeling within these photographs may be relevant to all mental health suffers, I wanted to focus on Men as I felt that sharing your emotions as a man is a little harder in the modern society. Men showing weakness seems to be frowned upon and therefore takes away any encouragement for men suffering with mental health problems to come out and say something about it.

This series of images focuses on visualising the stigma and pressure that men face when trying to speak up about their mental health struggles. The narrative shows him start off trapped with these thoughts however, with some support from others, he is freed.