About Me

I am a 20-year-old University student and practising designer, editor and Cinematographer specialising in Graphics, Video Production, Visual Effects, Animation and Motion Graphics.

I have experience in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Blender.

However, when I’m not lost in a screen editing, cramping my fingers typing or tiring myself out from lack of exercise I am usually lost in other screens gaming, cramping my fingers playing the guitar and tiring myself out from too much exercise. I am a big console gamer, hence the gaming-themed videos. Since my first Xbox, I’ve enjoyed playing FPS and Sandbox games and have recently found a little room in my heart for creating gaming montages and edits.

I have also been playing the Guitar for at least 6 years now and it’s getting to the point where if I don’t play it once a day then there’s probably something wrong with my hands, eyes or ears. I play acoustic mostly, playing along to Ed Sheeran and the rest of the acoustic pop songs however I’m also a big fan of 80s music so the amp and Fender Telecaster are often out and ready.

Finally, I’m a massive sports enthusiast in activities such as swimming, badminton, tennis, football, athletics but if I had to choose one then basketball takes the golden spot on the list.

I am an all-round healthy person who enjoys the gym but eating a lot is also a favourite hobby. I always pride myself on being the nice, easy to talk guy who makes sure to get everyone involved, yet is able to lead and enjoys making as many people laugh as possible!